Gender Male
Movie Ghost Rider
Actor Matthew Wilkinson
Status Deceased
Abigor is the Air Demon and a member of the Hidden.


Ghost Rider

When summoned by Blackheart, Abigor was joined with Blackheart to defeat Mephisto with the Contract of San Venganza.

When Ghost Rider is searching for Blackheart, Abigor is the second demon to fight Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider pursues Abigor to the top of a skyscraper where the two engage in a fight. However, because Abigor's body is made of wind, Ghost Rider can't even touch him. So with his chain Ghost Rider rapped it around him at high speeds with his hell-fire which burned the air, killing Abigor.


  • Air Mimicry: Abigor can transform his body into air.