Real Name Ray Carrigan
Gender Male
Movie Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Actor Johnny Whitworth
Status Deceased
Blackout (Ray Carrigan) was an agent on Johnny Blaze's tracks who was assigned to kidnap Danny Ketch.


Ghost Rider: Spirt of VengeanceEdit

Ray Carrigan was a gun and drug runner with his girlfriend Nadya Ketch. After a gun deal goes bad, Nadya has to jump out of a three story window to her death.

When the devil needs a new human formed body, he hires Carrigan to kidnap the boy and bring him to the devil. Moreau and other monks want to help the boy so they get Ghost Rider to help Danny. Ghost Rider kills Carrigan and the devil revives him as Blackout, a demon who decays everything he touches.

Blackout comes to get Danny again and kills the monks and takes him to Roarke. Johnny, Nadya and Moreau go to save Danny but Moreau is killed by Blackout and nearly kills Johnny. But Danny puts the demon of Zerithos back in Johnny and he is killed by Ghost Rider.


  • Decomposing touch: When Mephisto resurrected him, Ray was given the power of decomposition. He can decompose organic and living matter. He killed a ambulance medic simply by touching him, and could also turn an apple into dust by holding it.


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