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F 107673
Alias(es) The Devil
Gender Male
Movie Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider: Spirt of Vengeance
Actor Peter Fonda
Ciarán Hinds
Status Alive
You! Worst fucking deal I ever made.
―MephistoGhost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Mephisto is a powerful demon lord, the master of Hell.


Ghost Rider

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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

He senses a power in a young boy and tries take the boy's soul and appears on the boy's birthday. Roarke hires Ray Carrigan and other henchemen to bring the boy to him. After chasing Danny and Moreau, Carrigan talks to Roarke about his failure.

Before confronting Ghost Rider, Roarke saw Carrigan on the floor smashed through a wall. He turns Carrigan into the shadow demon Blackout, giving him one last chance to kidnap Danny. Roarke and Danny are in the ritual to begin the posession. Johnny Blaze turns into Ghost Rider as Roarke takes Danny to his car and begins to flee.

After Ghost Rider kills Blackout, he launches his chain and flips the car. Attacking Roarke, Ghost Rider roars in his face and launches him with his chain, throwing him back to the underground where Roarke disintergrates through the earth.



  • In the comics, the character has a more demonic appearance, while in the movie he only appears in his human form. His shadow, anyway, appears more similar to the comics' form.
  • In the comics the full name of the character, Mephistopheles, is used rarely, while in the movie his "nickname", Mephisto, common in the comics, is never used.
  • Johnny Blaze's Harley Davidson, in the movie, is identical to the "Captain America", Peter Fonda's motorcycle in Easy Rider.
  • There are two deleted scenes featuring Mephistopheles: in the first one, he confronts Blackheart at the very moment he leaves Hell, but his lack of power in the human world prevents him from bringing him back with him. In the second one, he shouts to Johnny Blaze for having killed his son, while he wanted him back alive (the scene was pointless, since, either alive or dead, Blackheart has to come back to Hell).
  • In Spirit of Vengeance, it is said that Mephisto can walk among humans only if he finds a human body as a host, thus weakening his own powers, explaining his different appearance from one a movie to another. In the comics, Mephisto can walk on Earth without a host body and with all his powers at disposal.

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