Roxanne Simpson
Roxanne Simpson
Alias(es) Roxy
Gender Female
Movie Ghost Rider
Actor Eva Mendes
Status Alive

Roxanne Simpson is the love interest of Johnny Blaze.


Ghost Rider

A young Johnny and Roxanne were in love. The two planned to leave town after her father told her that she will be living with her mother because he thinks Johnny is a bad infulence. After Johnny made the deal with the devil and his father died, he left Roxanne in the rainy weather, fearing that she would be put in danger.

Years later, she became a reporter and had to interview Johnny on one stunt show. After she interviewed him, she refused to watch his jump. She is soon followed by Johnny who asks her on a date. She accepts only if Johnny isn't late. When Johnny Blaze becomes the Ghost Rider, he begins to fight evil, so he forgets to meet Roxanne for dinner. The next day, she interviews a woman telling her about the incident on the previous night. The woman tells Roxanne that she was saved by a man whose face was a skull and was on fire. Later, she goes to Johnny's house to ask him why he was late. Johnny tells her the story of him making a deal with Mephistopheles and how he is forced to work for him at night. Roxanne doesn't believe him about the story. After Johnny Blaze transforms into the Ghost Rider and is pursued by the police force, Roxanne sees his new appearance and realizes that he was telling the truth. Johnny notices her, but, after being shot at, he takes off without a word. The next night, Blackheart, Mephistopheles' son, weakens Roxane with his power and kidnaps her in an attempt to bring the contract of San Veganza that the original Ghost Rider, Carter Slade, has to him. In Blackheart's hideout, Roxanne is released and tells Johnny to get up, who wants her to leave while he deals with Blackheart. When Johnny is almost defeated, Roxanne manages to use a shotgun given to Johnny by Carter Slade to help him. After Blackheart is defeated, Roxanne is surprised with his appearance. When Johnny replies "monster..." as he was ashamed of his appearance, she tells him she is "not afraid." When she touches him as the Ghost Rider, Johnny reverts back to normal. After Johnny decides to keep his curse, he and Roxanne return to the place they met as teenagers to say goodbye since Johnny has now accepted his fate as the Ghost Rider.


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